Finally, an actual Air Conditioning unit that fits our needs- we're pumped!

Living in California we at Rhino Adventure Gear get asked a lot about how we handle hot weather camping, especially in the summer. Until now rechargeable fans have long been the answer, but the problem with them is that all they do is blow around the hot air instead of actually cooling it. We are so excited to have found a product that takes that to the next level, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 AC Plus! This is the first portable AC unit we've found that fills our needs in the overland space, portable, battery-powered, and durable while cooling your space just like your AC at home. 

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 AC Plus includes a 24V 35Ah/840Wh battery that can run the AC for around 3 to 5 hours. If you want a bit more of a permanent setup, you can wire the unit directly into the 24V auxiliary battery system, or 12V system using their 12V to 24V converter.


240W Low Power

About 1/5 power consumption when compared to conventional air conditioners. Driven by adapters (included) or batteries. No generator is required.

Battery Powered

Run the AC unit with your own 24V battery supply or run the AC unit with the included battery for 3-5 hours of portable usage.

2300 BTU

Real air-conditioner; no water or ice required. Built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor.

Drop 30℉

10 minutes air outlet temperature with a decrease of 30℉.

Take and Go

The air conditioner and battery can be combined into one unit.
Carry the air conditioner with one hand. Very portable.

Weighs only 16.5lbs

The air conditioner weighs only 16.5lbs
Smaller than half the size of traditional portable air conditioners

In the Box:

Mark 2 A/C
1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner
1 X 24V DC Power Adapter For Wall Outlet
1 X Drainage Pipe
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct
2 X Venting Hoses
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct Connection Adapter
1 X Venting Hose Connection Adapter
1 X IR Remote Controller
2 X Screws For Connection Adapter
1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User Guide

Mark 2 Battery
1 X Smart Battery
1 X Window Slider
1 X Cable For Mark 2 AC
1 X Mark 2 Battery User Guide


Mark 2 AC Specifications:

Working Mode Cool, Fan, Sleep, Rocket
Wind Speed Level 4
Sound Level 52dB(A)
Cooling Power 2300 BTU
Climate Type T1
Cooling Rated Input 240W
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Unit Size 20"L x 10"W x 11"H
Weight 16.5lb
Moisture Protection IPX4
Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration Dual Hose

Mark 2 Battery Specifications:

Battery Type 18650 Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Capacity 24V 35Ah/ 840Wh
DC Charge Input 18V-36V (Recommended input voltage: 21V-27V)
Full Charge Time About 6 hours
(by official power adapter)
DC Jack Output 12V/5A Max
USB Type C PD(5V,9V,12V,20V/45W Max)
USB Type A 5V/2A Max
Net Weight 12lb
Size 20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H
Operation Temperature
0℃-40℃ / 32°F-104℉