DOMETIC CFX3 Fridge Slide

Slide [CFX3 models compatible]
SKU: DM-9610000651

The Dometic CFX3 Fridge Slide is designed to securely fasten the your CFX3 Fridge Freezer into your vehicle. Allowing easy slide out access to your CFX3, it makes for convenient loading and unloading. It also keeps the CFX3 unit safely and securely held in position during travel. Pre-drilled mounting holes perfectly match CFX3 mounting nutserts, ensuring easy installation.

NOTE: Please be sure to select the appropriate size slide for your model of Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezer. Several slides are compatible with multiple models of fridge.


  • Dometic CFX3 Fridge Slide
  • 4 Tie Down straps
  • Hardware (4 Mounting Screws)
  • Instruction manual
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

**Screws to mount the fridge slide to your vehicle/base plate are not included, as this will depend on your specific setup. For most installations 10-12 wood screws or M10 hardware is sufficient.

Dometic CFX3 Fridge Slide Features

  • Enables optimum access and secure storage.
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction for years of reliable use.
  • Ball bearing rollers ensure easy use when fully loaded - impressive 220 lb load capacity.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes match CFX3 mounting nutserts for easy installation.
  • Includes 4 tie down straps and 4 mounting screws.
  • RV basements are made with differences in lip and door dimensions. These differences may not accommodate the dimension required for proper installation. Please see product photos for measurements.
  • Full Extension Slide pulls out the length of the entire unit
  • The slide will add about 1 to 1.5" in height to your CFX3 unit when installed in a vehicle

Dometic Fridge/Freezer Compatibility & Dimensions

  • CFX3-SLD35/45 Fridge Slide is compatible with Dometic models:
    • CFX3 35, CFX3 45, CFX35W, CFX40W, CF 35, CF 40, CF 50, CFF 35, CFF 45 
    • Dimensions: 28.93" (D) x  3.36" (H) x 18.94" (W)
    • Weight: 31.3 lb
    • Maximum load capacity: 220 lbs
  • CFX3-SLD55 Fridge Slide is compatible with Dometic models:
    • CFX3 55, CFX3 55IM, CFX 50W, CFX 65W, CFX 65DZ
    • Dimensions: 29.88" (D) x  3.36" (H) x 21.2" (W)
    • Weight: 34.6 lb
    • Maximum load capacity: 220 lbs
  • CFX3-SLD75 Fridge Slide is compatible with Dometic models:
    •  CFX3 75DZ, CF 80, CF 110, CFX 75DZW
    • Dimensions: 36.62" (D) x  3.36" (H) x 23.37" (W)
    • Weight: 42.4 lb
    • Maximum load capacity: 220 lbs
  • CFX3-SLD95/100 Fridge Slide is compatible with Dometic models:
    • CFX3 95DZ, CFX3 100, CFX 95DZW, CFX 100W
    • Dimensions: 39.35" (D) x  3.36" (H) x 24.34" (W)
    • Weight: 45.6 lb
    • Maximum load capacity: 250 lbs

For additional documentation on CFX3 Fridge Slides, have a look at Dometic's installation instructions.