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    The all new 4th Generation Ponderosa Constellation 4-Season Roof Top Tent from Treeline Outdoors sleeps 3-4 people and is brimming with clever features to make sure you get the most out of your roof top tent whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. (Also known as Tahoe, Redwoods, Desert or Big Sur to those California Roof Top Tent lovers).

    Incredibly well designed and durably built, the Gen4 premium Constellation Series of soft shell roof top tents from Treeline Outdoors now include dual skylights, more bedding storage capacity, and are lighter than ever. Mix and match your choice of tent body color & rainfly color from 15 possible color combinations.

    The Constellation Series (4-Season Model) is available in two sizes: Large (Ponderosa) & Standard (Tamarack). This is the Large (3-4 Person) Ponderosa version. For the smaller Tamarack model, visit the Treeline Tamarack Roof Top Tent page.

    Enjoy the scenery through the four oversized windows & doors, and sleep soundly on the plush 2.5" high density foam mattress. Plenty of storage space for bedding and pillows and the nearly 8 ft long mattress make the Treeline Ponderosa one of the most convenient and comfortable soft shell roof top tents on the market- especially for tall campers!

    PLEASE NOTE: A Ponderosa Constellation Rainfly is included with the purchase of this tent. Be sure to select the color of BOTH the tent and the rainfly using the drop down menus above before adding them to your Cart. (Note that the images may not update the colors to match your selection, so please pay attention to the color selection of the drop down menus).

    If you have any questions about the ordering process for Treeline Roof Top Tents, please don't hesitate to get in touch


    Treeline Outdoors Ponderosa Constellation Roof Top Tent Dimensions

    • Weight: 173lbs
    • Dimensions (open): 122" x 72" x 50"
    • Mattress Dimensions: 95" x 72" x 2.5"
    • Dimensions (closed) 49" x 72" x 15"

    Treeline Outdoors Roof Top Tent Model Comparison Breakdown

    The Ponderosa Constellation is a 4-Season, 3-4 Person Tent.

    Treeline Outdoors makes tents in 2 canvas thicknesses:  4-Season (Constellation Series) 380g Poly-cotton canvas & 3-Season (Mojave Series) 280g Poly-cotton canvas.

    There are two sizes available for each type of tent: 72" wide 3-4 Person size (Large) & 56" wide 2-3 Person size (Standard).

    For size reference, a King Size mattress is 76" wide; a Queen Size mattress is 60" wide, and a Full Size/Double mattress is 54" wide. All Treeline Roof Top Tent mattress are at least 95" long (7' 11"), making them at least 16" longer than your typical bed at home (79" long).

    For a detailed comparison of the dimensions and features of all models, please see the charts included in the product images section.

    Treeline Outdoors Constellation 4-Season Roof Top Tents (3-4 Person Ponderosa vs. 2-3 Person Tamarack):

    The Treeline Ponderosa Constellation 4-Season RTT is the same premium quality 4-Season soft shell tent as the Treeline Tamarack Constellation 4-Season RTT model, but simply 16" wider and thus heavier. The Ponderosa 3-4 person tent is 72" wide and 173 lbs whereas the Tamarack 2-3 person tent is 56" wide and 153 lbs.

    Treeline 3-4 Person Roof Top Tents (4-Season Ponderosa Constellation vs 3-Season Mesquite Mojave):

    Compared to the size-equivalent Mesquite Mojave 3-Season RTT, this Ponderosa Constellation model is made of thicker canvas (380g for the Ponderosa model vs. 280g for the Mesquite). Additionally, the tents have slightly different entranceway styles. The Ponderosa model includes dual skylights, where as the Mesquite model has a single skylight. The Ponderosa is heavier in weight and has a higher price point than the Mesquite, due to the heavier canvas material and the inclusion of more Storage and 4-Season related features (see below for more comparisons on Constellation Series vs. Mojave Series features).

    Customize your Roof Top Tent! Mix & Match Colors

    Mix & match whatever color combination of tent + rainfly suits your style!

    The Ponderosa Constellation Gen4 Roof Top Tent is available in three colors: Grey, Spruce, or Buckskin. Once you select what color tent you want, add it to your cart then pick a rainfly color to go with it. The rainflys for the Ponderosa Constellation come in five colors- Burnt Orange, Lime Green, Sage Green, Spruce Green, and River Blue. That's 15 combinations to choose from!

    Treeline Outdoors Mix & Match color purchasing process:

    1. Select the color tent you want above (Grey, Spruce or Buckskin) and add it to your cart.
    2. Then choose the color you want for the included Ponderosa Constellation Rainfly here.

    PLEASE NOTE: The rainfly cost is included in the price of the tent. Once BOTH the tent and rainfly are in your cart, the rainfly cost will automatically go to zero. Please don't forget to add the rainfly to your cart before checking out!

    Treeline Outdoors Ponderosa Constellation Gen4 Roof Top Tent Features 

    Ponderosa Constellation Roof Top Tent Storage Features 

    • New extra large hinge accommodates storing the thick comfy mattress and all your bedding in the tent when it is folded up and not in use
    • D-loops to hang interior lighting from; O rings on outside as additional hanging points
    • Inner storage pouch for small valuables
    • Shoe holders velcro shut and can be reached when you're up in the tent
    • Cargo net under the floor of the tent (accessible from outside only) for keeping gear and clothing off the ground
    • 4 Heavy Duty rubber utility straps for anchoring oversized gear to underside of tent (77 lb weight capacity per strap)

    Ponderosa Constellation User Friendly, Premium Engineering

    • Tunnel-like, covered entranceway with PVC canopy window offers additional protection from the elements around the ladder area
    • Patent-pending roll up awnings included for each window allow you to choose if you want shade or a completely unobstructed view
    • Retractable ladder can be clipped up overhead when tent is not in use for improved accessibility and space utilization under the tent's overhang
    • Dual vents to mitigate condensation build up
    • Spacious interior easily accommodates taller sleepers- The built-in mattress is 7ft 11" long!
    • Quick release mounting brackets for easy installation and removal
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty 

    Treeline Outdoors Ponderosa Constellation Material Information

    Ponderosa Constellation Tent Material Specifications

    • Poly-cotton canvas tent is available in 3 colors: Buckskin, Grey, or Spruce
    • Roof top tent body is 4-Season, premium grade 380g Poly-cotton rip-stop canvas
    • PU Coated, water-resistant 1000 mm
    • Fire Resistance: CPI-84
    • Mold and mildew resistant coating
    • UV resistant coating
    • Lightweight aluminum honeycomb base is strong and insulates well
    • Extra fine no-see-um mesh screens for keeping out even the tiniest creepy crawlies.
    • Durable all-metal structure, hinges and receivers; quality YKK zippers
    • All exposed metal frames are lined with with anti-condensation sleeves.

    Ponderosa Constellation Rainfly Material Specifications

    • Available in 5 colors: Burnt Orange, Lime Green, Sage Green, Spruce Green, or River Blue
    • Rainfly has dual frost-free PVC skylights to allow light through to tent, even when rainfly is on
    • 420D Diamond Ripstop Polyester Oxford
    • PU Coated Waterproof 3000mm
    • Mold and mildew resistant coating
    • UV resistant coating

    Ponderosa Constellation Built-in Mattress Specifications

    • Extra Long, 2.5" thick, High Density Foam Mattress
    • Mattress Dimensions: 95" x 72" x 2.5"
    • Mattress Cover: Waterproof, Removable 190D Polyester Taffeta anti-condensation mattress cover

    Treeline Outdoors Travel Cover for Roof Top Tents

    • 2000D coated durable Polyester Taffeta (PVC), Waterproof
    • Mold and mildew resistant coating
    • UV resistant coating


      Treeline Outdoors Ponderosa Constellation Roof Top Tent Features Walk Through Video


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