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    Reach out now to start customizing your off road trailer, or to make an appointment to come see a Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailer at our locations in San Diego or San Francisco! 

    The main differences between this Backwoods 72" Off Road Trailer, and the High Country 60" Off Road Trailer are their dimensions, weight, and rated load capacities. Due to the higher load capacity of the Backwoods model, it is equipped with brakes, whereas the High Country is not.

    TO EXTREME's Capable and Customizable Off Road Trailers - Dimensions and Features of Rugged 'N Ready Backwoods Trailer

    Perfect for running a larger hard shell roof top tent or carrying more gear, the Rugged 'N Ready 72" Backwoods Off Road Trailer offers a whopping 50 cubic feet of storage space, and boasts 20 inches of ground clearance. If you plan on mounting a roof top tent to your trailer, we highly recommend adding the optional overhead rack system. It is heavy duty and more cost effective than adding an aftermarket rack system later.

    The Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailers are designed to be highly customizable, so you can build exactly the basecamp you want. Start by choosing the opening mechanism for the lid and decide what kind of hitch you prefer. From there you can choose to match the wheel bolt pattern of your vehicle; do a custom paint job; add an awning, shower, secondary battery + solar, a portable kitchen set, etc. 

    72" Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailer Weight and Dimensions

    Empty Weight: 1,020 lbs (not including lid or rack system options)
    Interior Dimensions: 72" (L) x 51" (W) x 23.5" (H)
    Exterior Dimensions: 120" (L*) x 78" (W) x 50" (H) *tailgate down adds + 24" (L)
    Ground Clearance: 20" of ground clearance

    72" Backwoods Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailer Features

    Safety and Regulatory:

    • D.O.T. compliant in all 50 states
    • Manufactured in verified compliance with NATM guidelines

    Trailer Chassis

    • Chassis is made of 11g hot rolled steel (approximately 1/8” thick) CNC cut & formed. It is then coated with ultimate lining Extreme Lining and assembled using upgraded 316 grade Stainless Steel Hardware.

    Trailer Body and Cargo Deck:

    • Xtreme Liners fenders and frame
    • Heavy Duty front cargo rack
    • Durable powder-coated body panels
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Custom color-matching paint to your vehicle is available for an additional fee
    • Adjustable cargo management system 
    • Lockable tailgate with center mounted handle
    • 20" of ground clearance

    Off Road Ready Tires with Option to Match your Trailer to your Vehicle:

    • Premium off-road 33" BFG KO2 All-Terrain tires are included. Trailer can run tires up to 35".
    • Aluminum Alloy rims
    • 5x5 bolt pattern (matches Jeeps) is standard
    • Option to match the bolt pattern to what you run on your vehicle (fee may apply)

    Trailer Suspension:

    • SEMA-award winning 3,500 lb Timbren Axle-less suspension.
    • No axle means maximizing trailer ground clearance, and no axle hang ups off road
    • Rubber rebound spring technology creates constant tension on jounce spring to eliminate trailer bounce when the trailer is empty, giving a smooth ride.
    • Urathane bushings for quiet operation


    Wiring and Brakes:

    • Automotive grade wire harness
    • 7-way blade connection
    • Lighted license plate frame
    • LED brake and marker lighting
    • Hydraulic surge brakes are included 72" Backwoods off road trailer since the load capacity exceeds the >2,000 lb designation for which they are required. As disc brakes they less prone to corrosion from water crossings and are self-adjusting, requiring minimal maintenance as they wear.

    Towing Hardware for Trailer:

    • Receiver Style Tongue
    • Pintle Hitch is used for superior articulation and freedom of movement. A Max Coupler Hitch or 2" Ball Hitch is available by request instead of pintle, if desired (additional fees apply).
    • 2" rear receiver​ at back of trailer can be used for accessories and for recovery. The pintle hitch to the rear receiver is linked via a single solid piece of steel tubing, making it an excellent recovery point.

    Customize your TO EXTREME Backwoods Off Road Trailer

    Choose a Color Option for your Backwoods Off Road Trailer

    • Green is the standard color
    • Matte Black or White are also available, for an additional fee
    • For a quote on a custom paint job to match your vehicle, Contact Us with the paint code off the door of your vehicle and we will get back to you with pricing.
    • Both the hinged lid and the ReTrax sliding lid are black regardless of the trailer body color.

    Choose a Lid Style for your Backwoods Off Road Trailer

    Well it is possible to order a trailer without a lid, we don't recommend it. A lid will keep your cargo dry, secure, and free of dust. Both of the lid options below allow you to open the lid of the trailer and access gear, even if your roof top tent is already set up. 

    Option A: ReTrax PRO Sliding, Lockable Lid

    • Made in the US and primarily used as a Truck Bed Cover
    • Can be locked closed, or at any intermediate position of being partially opening
    • Made from industrial strength powder coated aluminum with >500 lb distributed load capacity
    • Sealed ball bearings allow smooth operation and prevent binding
    • Low profile, with glossy black finish

    Video of ReTrax PRO Sliding Lid for Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailer


    Option B: Heavy Duty Hinged, Lockable Lid

    • Hinge is located at front of trailer, so lid opens from the back end by the tailgate
    • Constructed of 11 ga steel CNC cut and formed around a steel tube frame and finished in black spray liner.
    • Strut-assisted opening

    Mount your Roof Top Tent on your Trailer by adding a Rack System

    • An overhead rack system can be used to mount a roof top tent (or other gear) to your off road trailer, while still allowing access to the inside of the trailer.
    • For larger hardshell Roof Top Tents, the increased length of this 72" Backwoods Off Road Trailer may be more appropriate than the 60" High Country model. Please be reach out with any questions about roof top tent compatibility with these trailers! 
    • Standard 7' Garage Clearance Compatible- Keep your roof top tent mounted to your trailer year round. A trailer-mounted roof top tent is perfect for individuals who can't fit a roof top tent on top of their vehicle while still parking in garages with limited clearance. The Rugged 'N Ready Off Road Trailers are designed to be the same height as a standard vehicle when a roof top tent is mounted on the overhead rack system. Exact clearance requirements and dimensions will depend on what roof top tent you mount. We are happy to help you compare garage clearances for having your roof top tent on your vehicle vs. a TO EXTREME trailer.
    • Height provided by overhead rack configuration provides easy cargo access and sufficient clearance for most awnings and annex rooms, as though they were mounted on a vehicle.
    • Made from 1.5" square tubing (.125" wall), powder coated black

    Trailer Optional Overhead Rack System Dimensions:

    • Crossbars are at a fixed height, 21" from the top of the trailer, which is 50" from the ground, making the cross bars of the rack system are about 71" off the ground.
    • Spacing between cross bars is fixed at 60". Ability to add a third cross bar (additional fee applies).
    • Length of crossbars (across width of trailer is 69.5"
    • Rack system weight capacity is 1,000 lbs (static load). Center of gravity and trail conditions should be considered for dynamic loads off road, but roof top tents up to 200 lbs are well tolerated on off-highway trails.

    Outfit your TO EXTREME Off Road Trailer with your desired accessories

    Whether you have gear you need help mounting to your new trailer, or you want to accessorize with gear from our offering of premium overland equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out for a quote on accessory packages or ask questions about fitment assistance. Shoot us a message or Call Now!


    Demo Video of TO EXTREME Off Road Trailer on Rubicon Trail/Moab

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