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      Goose Gear Drawer Systems are the ultimate solution for gear organization in your vehicle. Just like the stacked set of double drawers, the side by side double drawers are constructed from lightweight and durable Baltic Birch with a locking latch and heavy duty 350 lb rated full extension sliders. Goose Gear drawers will make quick work of tidying up the back of your adventure vehicle. If you are considering a build with a fridge slide and a drawer system, we recommend checking out if the Goose Gear Icebox with Top Drawer or Goose Gear Camp Kitchen would meet your needs. 

      Side By Side Double Drawers mount onto a Goose Gear Plate System of the appropriate fitment for your vehicle. If you are purchasing a Goose Gear Drawer Compatible Sleeping Platform and looking for the drawers to complete the build, you are in the right place!

      PLEASE NOTE: All Goose Gear Vehicle Drawer Systems require a base plate system and/or sleeping platform to which the drawer system will be anchored. The base plate/platform is not included in this drawer system, and must be purchased separately in a model compatible with your vehicle.

      PLEASE NOTE: All Goose Gear products are made to order and current wait times are roughly 10 weeks in production before your order will be available for installation or shipping. We appreciate your understanding in providing us sufficient lead time for your order to be fulfilled and to get your vehicle in the shop for installation.

      Side By Side Vehicle Drawer System Features

      All Side by Side Double Drawer Modules feature a bullet lined top plate for increased durability as well as a location to mount additional items, such as anchors for a fridge, cooler straps etc.

      Drawer Split Configurations

      The Side by Side Double Drawer System comes in three different drawer configurations. In all three configurations the drawers are side by side, but you can choose to either have 2 equal size drawers, or opt for one larger and one smaller drawer (66%, 33% split), which can give you some flexibility in storing larger items rather than a 50% - 50% split. If you want an unequal split, you need to specify whether you want the larger drawer on the left side or the right side of the system. For example, if you want the larger drawer on the left side, select the 2/3 left + 1/3 right option. The total width of the system remains the same regardless of the drawer split configuration you select. 

      If you are looking for double drawers that are stacked on top of each other, rather than side by side, please see the Universal Vehicle Drawer System (Double Drawer- Stacked) product page. Single Drawer Systems are also available.

      Vehicle Specific Drawer Systems

      If you own one of the following vehicles, you may want to consider purchasing a vehicle specific drawer system, rather than a Universal fit model. The dimensions have been tweaked and optimized to fit better than the universal model for vehicles with non-standard widths. Please feel free to reach out and quickly confirm you are ordering the correct drawers for your cargo storage plan.

      • Jeep TJ
      • Toyota Land Cruiser