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      Adding Sleeping Platforms to a 4Runner allows you to maximize the cargo area of your vehicle to its full capacity and provides a full-length, level area to stretch out in, all the way from the rear hatch of the vehicle to the back side of the front row seats. If you want a quick & comfortable sleeping set up, but are averse to sleeping in a roof top tent, adding a sleeping platform to your 4Runner could be a great option. Sleeping platforms allow stealth camping and easy access to sleeping quarters for 4-legged friends who don't climb ladders up to RTTs.

      Goose Gear Sleeping Platform Key Benefits and Features

      When installed along with a Rear Cargo Plate System, the Sleeping Platform provides a 76" (6' 4") long platform to lay down on inside your 4Runner. If needed, taller individuals can sneak a few more inches of space by sliding the front seats all the way forward and stuffing bedding in the gap to expand the vertical span a little more.

      An access door from the top of the Sleeping Platform, as well as side access when the passenger doors are open, positions storage space in the center of your vehicle and at its lowest point, which is great for vehicle stability. Storage under the Sleeping Platform (located in the footwell of rear seats) is present in both the Low Profile and Drawer Compatible models of Sleeping Platform (see below for model descriptions).

      ** PLEASE NOTE for 5th Gen 4Runners with the factory 3rd row seating option, Drawer Compatible Sleeping Platforms are not available; only the Low Profile (no drawer) model of Sleeping Platform is possible. Also, if your 4Runner has 3rd row seating, the side of the vehicle for the wider (60%) Sleeping Platform is the driver's side, not the passenger's side as it is on the standard (no 3rd row seating) 4Runner models.

      PLEASE NOTE: The Goose Gear 5th Gen 4Runner Plate System (sold separately) is required to install this Sleeping Platform. Drawer Compatible Sleeping Platforms also require purchase of a Side By Side Double Drawer Module with drawer heights corresponding to the compatibility of the Sleeping Platform you select. Low Profile Sleeping Platforms do not require drawer modules.

      If you're starting your build from scratch, please get in touch and we can put together an easy-to-buy bundle for you to make sure you get all the correct components purchased together.

      Goose Gear Plate System and Sleeping Platform Basic Terminology

      The Goose Gear "Sleeping Platform" covers the area normally occupied by the second row of seating in your 4Runner. The Goose Gear "Plate System" covers the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Don't confuse the Sleeping Platform with a Plate System- they fit together so seamlessly you may not notice from the photos that these are in fact separate components.

      If you don't already have a 4Runner Plate System, this is the first step of any Goose Gear vehicle storage system. Once you get your rear cargo area squared away with a Plate System, then you can choose to add on a Low Profile Sleeping Platform or a Drawer Compatible Sleeping Platform (plus a Side by Side Drawer System).

      Goose Gear Sleeping Platform Models: Low Profile or Drawer Compatible

      Sleeping Platforms cover the area normally occupied by the second row of seats, and are available in two basic models: Low Profile or Drawer Compatible.

      • Low Profile Sleeping Platforms are flush with the factory floor of the rear cargo area's Low Profile Plate System and maximize headroom.
      • Drawer Compatible sleeping platforms are elevated so that they will be level to the top of a rear cargo area when a drawer system is installed. So you would end up sleeping partially on top of the drawers on a nice long, level surface. Note that the actual Drawer Modules must be purchased separately. The choice of drawer height¬†you select for a Sleeping Platform refers to the drawer module height with which the platform is compatible with (drawers are not included) in order to make the platform level with the drawer system installed in the rear cargo area.
      • If you have a 5th Gen 4Runner with the 3rd Row Seat factory option, your only choice is to go Low Profile (the Drawer Compatible model is not available).

      How Big of a Sleeping Platform Do You Want? 40%, 60%, or both (100%)?

      Once you decide whether you want a Low Profile or Drawer Compatible Sleeping Platform, you get to pick how wide you want the Sleeping Platform to be. You can get a Sleeping Platform that deletes the driver's side back seat, or the passenger's side back seat; or you can purchase one of each and combine them for a full vehicle width, mega Sleeping Platform.

      For standard 5th Gen Toyota 4Runners, the driver's side Sleeping Platform is 40% of the vehicle width; and the passenger's side Sleeping Platform is 60% of the width. For 5th Gen 4Runners with the optional 3rd row seating, the width split is reversed (driver's side is 60%, passenger's side is 40%). This is just due to the way the middle seat in the second row is configured to fold down differently between the different models.

      Goose Gear Vehicle Sleeping Platform Installation

      PLEASE NOTE: All Goose Gear products are made to order and current wait times are roughly 10 weeks in production before your order will be available for installation or shipping. We appreciate your understanding in providing us sufficient lead time for your order to be fulfilled and to get your vehicle in the shop for installation.

      Installing the Goose Gear Sleeping Platform does NOT require cutting or drilling of any part of the vehicle. However, the seat back of the second row of seating must be removed (this is a simple, 2-bolt removal) on the side(s) of the vehicle in which you install the Sleeping Platform. The seat bottom may also be removed if desired to save weight and get additional storage space under the platform. We offer installation of all Goose Gear products at either of our two California locations.

      Remember, you need to have a Goose Gear 4Runner Plate System for the cargo area (and side by side drawers if you get a drawer compatible model of sleeping platform) installed before you can install a Sleeping Platform! Just reach out if you need any help getting set up!