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      If you're serious about carrying equipment in your Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU, then you know the value of a sturdy mounting base plate. This is important not just for obtaining a flat, level surface, but also to provide a safe and secure mounting platform that is physically anchored to the body of your Jeep; not just sitting on top of it. Whether driving off road or at freeway speeds, having heavy gear like fridge freezers and storage drawers safely anchored in your vehicle is always a good call, and the Goose Gear Plate System allows you to do that with a clean fit and finish. 

      What gear can be mounted to the Base Plate?

      Goose Gear Rear Cargo Plate Systems allow attachment of any Goose Gear Storage System, including Drawer Systems, IceBoxes, and CampKitchens using simple hand tools. Once the Base Plate System is installed, you can attach any of these modular components to the pre-drilled holes in the base plate. Plate Systems are also required in order to install Sleeping Platforms. The Rear Cargo Mounting Base Plate System is literally the base of any Goose Gear equipped vehicle storage build. You can also mount your own gear, even if it isn't Goose Gear. Anything from dog crates to fridge slides and more can be attached.

      PLEASE NOTE: Installation of a Goose Gear Plate System requires removing plastic trim from the cargo area of your JK/JKU, and some early model year Jeeps require drilling into the vehicle floor to create secure anchor points. Please see below for more details.

      Goose Gear Rear Cargo Mounting Base Plate Technical Details

      Goose Gear fabricates their base plates by Line-X coating precision cut birch wood that is prepared using CNC schematics for the specific cargo area footprint of your vehicle. This results in a light weight (<42 lbs) yet strong and durable base. The computer controlled precision cutting includes slight variations that are dependent on factory options. Therefore please be sure to select the appropriate model and options for your vehicle, to ensure that base plate fits your cargo area as designed.

      PLEASE NOTE: The red Jeep in the product photos also has Goose Gear Side Cubbies installed along the sides under the roll bar. These side cubbies are not included in Rear Cargo Base Plate product, but are sold separately. The base plate is only on the floor of the cargo area.

      Goose Gear Plate System Installation Requirements for Jeep JKs and JKUs

      PLEASE NOTE: All Goose Gear products are made to order and current wait times are roughly 10 weeks in production before your order will be available for installation or shipping. We appreciate your understanding in providing us sufficient lead time for your order to be fulfilled and to get your vehicle in the shop for installation.

      First and foremost, be sure you are selecting the correct base plate model to fit your specific Jeep. Goose Gear has lovingly crafted a precision-cut base plate to fit your rear cargo area like a glove once installed. Please double check you have selected the correct vehicle information from the drop downs above before proceeding. Particularly if you have a subwoofer in the floor of your cargo area (as in the red Jeep in the product photos), be sure to select that option. If you don't have a subwoofer in the floor, your base plate will come with a small access door in the floor (as in the silver Jeep in the product photos). 

      If you don't have a Jeep JK or JKU or you don't see your vehicle listed as an option, check our entire collection of Goose Gear products to get that custom fit for your vehicle, and let us know if you can't find what you're looking for. 

      PLEASE NOTE: Installation of a Goose Gear Plate System requires the permanent removal of the plastic trim in the rear cargo area of your Jeep JK or JKU. For 2007-2010 Jeeps there is typically carpet around the wheel well area. In later model Jeeps 2011+ the carpet is not there and once the plastic trim is removed the exposed painted metal of the Jeep body will be visible. Have a look at the product photos to see how this will look.

      More specifically, installation of the Goose Gear Base Plate System requires the removal or the trimming of the quarter panel plastics. If you have a side mounted subwoofer in your door, it will have to be relocated or removed for the plate system to fit into your vehicle. This side subwoofer option is typically found in 2010-2014 model years. 

      For 2007 - 2010 JK and JKU owners: The Goose Gear plate system for the 2007-2010 Jeep JK and JKU requires drilling and installation of threaded inserts into the vehicle floor. Due to the lack of anchor points in this year range Goose Gear had to resort to having our customers drill into their rigs for the plate system to work properly. The plate system will ship with the threaded inserts as well as the tool to install them.

      For 2011- 2018 JK and JKU owners: Installing the Goose Gear Plate System does NOT require any cutting or drilling into the body of your JK/JKU. Instead, the Plate System is secured to the vehicle body by fastening to existing anchor points in the vehicle body. 

      At Rhino Adventure Gear we offer professional installation of all Goose Gear products for your JK or JKU. Please reach out to schedule a time for your install at either of our California shops located in the San Francisco Bay Area, or in SoCal at our shop in San Marcos, San Diego.

      If you prefer to install your Base Plate yourself, we will ship it to your nearest US-based FedEx Freight location for free (please get in touch to take advantage of this option and we will help you identify an appropriate shipping location). Shipping to a residential address will involve additional costs.