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      The Goose Gear IceBox contains a complete fridge slide integrated into a Goose Gear Storage Module as well as an optional storage drawer on top. It features a 100% extension fridge slide with Lock-In/Lock-Out capability. With the enclosed Goose Gear IceBox, you can safely store gear on top of your fridge and still have complete access without having to unload your gear to access your fridge/freezer.

      Design includes cut outs for ventilation on sides of cabinet and skeletonized floor to reduce weight while maintaining structural rigidity. The back end of the cabinet enclosure is open for additional ventilation and easy cord management for your fridge/freezer.

      The optional top drawer is convenient for keeping camp essentials or tools organized and easy to find - no more unpacking bags or boxes looking for something you frequently use! Drawer includes a compression latch with keyed lock.

      Goose Gear IceBox Models

      Goose Gear makes the IceBox in a variety of different colors and sizes. They have chosen to name the various models available based on the depth dimension of the cabinet, in the order in which the models were released. To reduce confusion, we simply list the cabinets by their dimensions, however, if you need to know what the official Goose Gear Model name is for the various dimensions, please see below:

      • Goose Gear IceBox 1.1 (28" deep series)
      • Goose Gear IceBox 1.2 (30" deep series)
      • Goose Gear IceBox 1.3 (25" deep series)
      • Goose Gear IceBox XL 1.4 (31.5" deep series)

      Shipping and Installation of Goose Gear IceBox

      PLEASE NOTE: All Goose Gear products are made to order and current wait times are roughly 10 weeks in production before your order will be available for installation or shipping.

      The IceBox is designed to easily mount to a Goose Gear Base Plate using only simple hand tools. If you would like assistance, Rhino Adventure Gear offers installation of all Goose Gear products. Please reach out to schedule a time for your install at either of our California shops located in the San Francisco Bay Area, or in SoCal at our shop in San Marcos, San Diego.

      To have your IceBox shipped to you, we offer free shipping to US commercial addresses or to your nearest FedEx Freight location. To take advantage of this shipping option, please reach out and we will work with you to determine an appropriate shipping location. Shipping to a residential address will incur an additional fee.