FRONT RUNNER 1475mm Slat Add-On Kit


More slats for more adventure. Add slats to customize your existing Front Runner Rack Tray. Create additional mounting points, a solid tray surface.


RRSAM1475 - 1475mm Slat Add-On Kit

Consists of:

1 x RRAC045 - Additional Tray Slat Bolts 1 x RRSS1475 - Standard Slat- 1475mm Wide Rack Approximate Installed Weight 2kg (5lbs)   Shipping Dimensions: Width 110mm (4'')Length 1480mm (58'')Height 70mm (3'')   Shipping Weight: Weight 2.4kg (5.3lbs)  

FRONT RUNNER 1475mm Slat Add-On Kit Features

  • Transform your Slimline II Rack Tray into a semi-solid, or solid surface for sleeping, sitting, additional support and / or extra mounting points.
  • Includes Additional Tray Slat Bolts - by Front Runner secure extra slat to your Slimline II Rack Tray.
  • This slat will work with any Front Runner Slimline II Rack that is 1475mm wide.
  • Can also be used to build a custom Load Bar Kit, or as a replacement slat.
  • Features T-slots on both the top and bottom faces.
  • A slat's sliding nut T-slot allow for quick fitting and removal of a variety of accessories and equipment.
  • Made from the same black powder coated aluminum as all Front Runner Racks.
  • NOTE: Slat to Load Bar Conversion end Cap Kit - by Front Runner for a Slat to Load Bar conversion are not included and sold separately.