ARB Classic Portable Fridge Freezer (37QT, 50QT, 63QT, 82QT)

SKU: AB-10800354

Why should I get a fridge freezer? I already have an awesome cooler...

For adventurers new to the overlanding space, getting an ARB fridge on a slider, (complete with a dual battery set up to power the fridge) is one of the most impactful improvements you can make to your rig. For long journeys, or even short ones where you want to eat well outdoors, upgrading from a cooler to a fridge freezer makes a huge difference in having a comfortable adventure. Plus, no more having to break out your cell phone mid-journey to try and figure out where to buy more ice for that pesky cooler. With a fridge you can stay immersed in the outdoors, both physically and mentally. Even the best coolers can't compete with the infinite 'ice retention time' of a portable ARB fridge freezers. 

Fridge Freezer Benefits

Once you make the transition away from tolerating coolers, you'll wonder why you didn't upgrade sooner. From that gross ice-water seeping into bacon packages- even when you use a ziplock bag, to the disintegrating cardboard egg cartons, to beer bottles with soggy glue labels, to not being able to bring that extra six pack because you have to leave room for ice... there's a reason why you have a fridge rather than a cooler in your kitchen at home. Don't put up with one when living outdoors either- there's a better way to camp.

Plus, with a fridge freezer you can skip that obligatory stop to buy ice before you hit the road- making it that much faster and easier to get out of town. With FREE SHIPPING to US addresses now available on all ARB Fridge Freezers, even those adventurers far from our CA showrooms are in luck!

ARB Classic Portable Fridge Freezer Features 

Ready for off-grid overland adventures

  • Versatile power sources: solar panel & generator compatible.
  • Battery protection: integrated battery protection system (12/24V DC) prevents excessive discharge of battery.
  • Environmentally friendly: 100% CFC free.
  • Efficient: low amp power draw.
  • Low-maintenance: ice-free operation.
  • Quality guaranteed: 3 year warranty.
  • Designed for vehicles: rounded corners and edges protect upholstery.
  • Corrosion resistant materials: powder coated zinc steel cabinet shell.
  • Strong tie down and lift points: recessed powdered coated steel fixed carry handles.
  • Durable: two piece injection molded lid, UV stable.
  • Ventilation grills allow operation even in the most confined cargo areas

Thoughtful design

  • Fully removable lid easy access and cleaning in tight quarters
  • Reversible, plastic-coated heavy-gauge wire basket with removable divider allows organization with flexibility for long items
  • User friendly, right angled plug-in point from cord to fridge.
  • Recessed, front-mounted, touch pad Digital Control Panel is protected from bumps and accidental button presses
  • Convenient on/off power indicator
  • Internal LED cabinet light with magnetic switch turns off when lid is closed
  • Interior drain plug to easily clean up spills
  • Separate secondary dairy/fruit compartment runs 3-5 degrees warmer than fridge to reduce risk of ice damage and spoilage of sensitive items
  • Deep storage capacity for large upright bottles.
  • Rubber feet for non-slip grip and vibration reduction

Top notch engineering

  • Built-in 12, 24 and 120 volt facility, ideal for use as a second fridge. Two separate power cords (each 6ft length) are included, one for AC operation (120V) at home, and one for DC operation (12/24V) in your vehicle.
  • Operate at up to 30 degree angle without affecting operation or reliability
  • Average DC power consumption: 0.7 to 2.3 amp hr (depending upon ambient temperature and the volume of food/beverages loaded in the unit.)
  • Rugged stainless steel detent hinge with quick release mechanism for lid removal.
  • Integrated power system.
  • Easy to clean interior surfaces due to recessed evaporator cooling unit
  • EPDM rubber seal for lid is recessed into lid to prevent damage when packing/unpacking items from fridge, corresponding ridge on upper surface of cabinet rim ensures excellent seal compression for optimal thermal insulation

Available Accessories (purchase separately)

  • Canvas transit bag is available to aid with insulation and protect your fridge from scrapes and dents. Bag is custom fitted to ARB fridges and includes precision cut-outs for drain plug, fridge feet, and electrical cables. Features a convenient side pocket.
  • Drawer-style fridge slider tray can be installed in your vehicle for easy access
  • Tie-downs that attach to the steel handles can be used to secure your fridge to the slider, or to the bed of your vehicle via the included anchors and hardware

ARB Classic Portable Fridge Freezer Technical Specifications

Capacity, Dimensions, Weight, and Power Draw

Please see chart in product photos section

Cooling and Power

Maintain sub-freezing temperatures in 90F weather, while only drawing less amps from a 12V battery than a headlamp.

Cooling capacity: +60F to -0F (+10C to -18C)
Ambient Operating Temperature: +70F to +109F (16C to +43C)
Power: 12/24 DC with integrated battery protection system. Built in 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz).

ARB Classic Portable Fridge Freezers vs. ARB Elements Weatherproof Portable Fridge Freezer

ARB Elements
ARB Classic 
Weatherproof Control Panel
Yes  No
Removable Lid No Yes
Gas Strut Lid Assist Yes No
Weatherproof Exterior Yes No
Electrical Cord Restraints No Yes
Lockable Lid Yes No

Video Credit: ARB USA