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    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bikes available at Rhino Adventure Gear- studio shot of 3 electric dirt bikes at different angles



    An overlander's dream. Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise. Ubco's 2x2 electric adventure bike will redefine your adventures.

    With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the Ubco 2×2 gives you complete control for all your off-road adventures.

    Owning any terrain where the rubber meets dirt, the Ubco 2×2 gives you the power to go. The 40+ Ah Lithium-Ion battery not only fuels the bike; it powers all your tools from your phone to your drill (at the same time).

    The dual electric drive is smooth, ultra-quiet, and low maintenance; it can go through trenches, up hills, and down bush tracks without a second thought.

    Start your 2×2 adventure today.

    Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike 2017 Off Road Model available at Rhino Adventure Gear Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike 2018 Dual Use model available at Rhino Adventure Gear
    2017: Explore Here  2018: Explore Here

    Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bikes at Rhino Adventure Gear

    We are thrilled to be an authorized Ubco dealer for the Bay Area. Ubco - the Utility Bike Company went all out on this 2-wheel drive electric adventure bike, and we cannot wait to unleash this ultra-versatile, gas-free, eco-friendly, road-legal 2x2 adventure bike onto the streets and trails of California and beyond.

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike features diagram

    What we love about the Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike

    • 2x2- as in 2 wheels and 2 motors. Each wheel is independently powered by its own electric motor, giving you unbeatable all-terrain traction and control.
    • Wide tires designed to conquer the muck and mud of New Zealand sheep farms take the fat tire bike to the next level- allowing you to float over sand and difficult terrain.
    • No motor noise- enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.
    • Easy to ride & easy to maintain- no clutch, no gears, no drive train, no risk of engine flooding, no oil changes needed.
    • Safe- low center of gravity due to well-designed battery placement, makes rollovers highly unlikely; step-through design makes getting on and off a breeze.
    • Lightweight- easy to transport to and from your destination on a standard vehicle bike rack- quickly remove the battery to lighten the load; easier to control while riding over uneven terrain and pick up should it tip over.
    • Charge your phone, your camera battery, power your drill etc using the bike's battery as a power source. The console has dual USB and 12V power (like the cigarette lighter in your car) output ports.
    • Lithium battery can be recharged by plugging the bike's console into 110V (or 240V) power, or battery can be removed and charges elsewhere if that's easier for your set up.
    • Easily customize- 19 accessory lugs ready to anchor your gear to the bike, just use standard M8 nuts & bolts and you are good to go.
    • Versatile- Ubco's 2018 2x2 model is road registerable, so it's not just a weekend toy- you can commute to work, run errands, and adult responsibly (while quietly having a blast en route).

    Re-imagine backcountry camping with an Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike 

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike with off road trailer and kitted out overlanding truck

    Picture it. You pull up to base camp and pop open your roof top tent. Deploy the solar panels, take in the view and the fresh air.... but, instead of plunking down in your camping chair, you hop on your Ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike and set off to get the lay of the land.


    Without disrupting the tranquility of the blissfully remote setting you worked so hard to find. Maybe, you're in Baja, and you use the 2x2 to scout out the best route for beach access at the nearby surf break. Go for a spin on the sand. Maybe in the Sierras you take the 2x2 farther down the trail and try to sneak up on a sun bathing marmot. Or in the Redwoods you go on a mission to find the tallest tree (don't forget to bring your GPS- don't worry you can keep the battery topped up by plugging into your bike!). Need to check all the camera traps you set up that are scattered over a huge area? Want to spend less time walking and more time fishing? Go where you want to go- the Ubco 2x2 adventure bike is the ultimate exploration vehicle.

    Maybe you head back to camp for a hot shower and an ice cold beverage while you cook up an epic outdoor feast for the family. Not a bad day.

    The light-weight design not only means you can easily maneuver the bike while you're on it; it also can be transported on a standard bike rack, or on a towball rack (sold separately)- no need to drag a separate trailer like you would for ATVs or dune buggies. The battery can easily be removed, making it that much easier to lift the bike.

    AND, when you get back to civilization, the street legal 2018 model can be used for bopping around town as well, or commuting to work (urban adventure anyone?)- making the Ubco 2x2 a practical, versatile choice for your next off-road (or on-road!) adventure.

    Start your 2×2 adventure today.

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike 2017 and 2018 model specifications comparison

    2017: Explore Here  2018: Explore Here



    Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike safety features

    Ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike safety features compared to ATV

    Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike Safety Engineering Diagram

    Ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike safety engineering information



    Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bikes in action!

     Be sure to check out what happens at 1:07 in this video!  

    Experience dual electric drive in scenic New Zealand, the birthplace of the Ubco 2x2
    Note: No sound editing was used in this video!    

    The 2018 Dual Use Ubco 2x2 is great for off road and urban adventures!

    ubco 2x2 electric bike digital control console mobile app

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bikes overlooking lake

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike on dirt bike course

    ubco 2x2 electric adventure bike riding through water

    ubco 2x2 electric dirt bike covered in dirt


    Ubco 2×2 Electric Adventure Bikes at Rhino Adventure Gear

    2017: Explore Here  2018: Explore Here